Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Potpourri

Ahhh Friday



the week is done and when it gets to this time
we look back and wonder where the time has gone
January almost over and here we are
getting ready to welcome February
the month of hearts and love
if you are into that kind of thing.....

My favourite band ever is The Eagles
I was fortunate enough to see them in concert in 2008
I cried and sang along with each and every song
it was a night I will never forget ~ their songs weave through my life
like threads in a quilt
ahhh the memories each song sparks

so yes I did cry when I heard of Glenn Frey's passing
what an artist ~ songwriter ~ singer

Thank You for the music Glenn ~ may you RIP

from my fav song ~ Desperado


 Wednesday night I picked up my niece Sam
we grabbed a quick bite then it was off to Michael's for a little girl time
that place really is dangerous
but armed with coupons and some great sales
we came out happy ~ not only with our new items
but with the time we spent together


I am always looking for new recipes and last week someone posted this one to facebook
it looked good so I clicked on the link and then pinned it
I made it last night and it was yummy!  It's called a taco braid and its really easy to make
a recipe to add into the rotation



I got most of my craft room straightened out on Sunday
you see I went out and bought fabric the day before to make a ruffled apron
and the room needed to be done before I could start
there is a method to my madness
so now when the mood strikes me ~ I can get right to it


we have dinner plans out this weekend but other than that
it is free and clear which is fine with me
time to get a few things done ~ maybe bake some cookies
and spend some time cozied up reading or watching movies
that IS the best part of this time of the year.

enjoy your weekend

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Potpourri

Hello there
and happy Friday



it's been a cold snowy week
trudged through drifts to get to work on Wednesday
then it cleared off and the wind came up
making way for bitter cold temps

makes me wonder once again why I live here
then I remember April through October
and know that it is worth it....... or at least that is what
I convince myself



I found myself smiling on the way home tonight
making note that the days are getting longer
and how pretty the sunset was
positive thoughts makes a positive life



although it is easy to go into hibernation mode
nesting ~ making soups and comfort food
catching up on recorded tv ~ movies and reading

I am going to attempt to complete one big project a month
and this month is my craft room

since we moved everything upstairs
and started living in our living room
the basement has become a dumping ground
so this weekend I have a plan
put on some music and get to work
wish me luck



I made this soup when I did my cooking challenge a couple of years ago 
it was so good and easy ~ I think this weekend will be the perfect time
to make it again.

Happy Weekend

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Potpourri

It's Friday afternoon ~ just past one
and I have the day off

I was debating on whether to get everything done that I need to do
today so I will have the entire weekend for me


I turned on the tv and picked up the laptop
so here I sit ~ still in my jammies
typing away

there is still a couple of remnants of Christmas hanging around
so I will get those put away ~ finally
and get the house back to normal at some point and time



cooking is also on the agenda
a big batch of spaghetti sauce and some white chicken chili

no baking though ~ there are still some cookies lingering about
and more chocolate than necessary ~ but my chocoholic hubby will take care of that
in time for valentines to roll around!



so I will putter about ~ read when I want to
maybe watch an old movie or two

these early days of January should be filled with promise 
of all things new and sparkling
but for some reason I am in a bit of a funk this year
the anniversary of Dad's passing was on the 6th
15 years ~ wow ~ time goes by


so I have some goals this year that I mentioned in my last post
and one of them is taking care of me

my mental health along with my physical health
as they are equally important to me



I want to connect with friends in person
it's ok to make plans on Facebook or by texting
but to actually meet up ~ have coffee or dinner
go to a movie or shopping
or just have some couch time talking and catching up


so that's me in a nutshell
not the most exciting ~ but it's all that I have so far

wishing you a wonderful weekend

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Friday morning I got up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the day
of course when you were in bed by midnight on 
New Years Eve ~ that can happen



we had some big plans ~ fondue next door
and then some games
maybe some bubbly and noise makers
and home not too late

when I got home from work ~ hubby was in bed
sick as a dog
I know he did not feel up to going out at all
but you cannot cancel at 6pm on New Years Eve

so a trooper he was
we went over for dinner and home just after 10
cold medication ~ check
and I tucked him into bed ~ Happy New Year baby


I did make dessert which was the Tolberone chocolate fondue
and although I have not had it in years ~ it was better than I remembered
and with a shot of Kahlua in it made it all the better

so Friday I puttered ~ put the gifts away from under the tree
hung the new calenders
drank coffee ~ then switched to tea
collected things ~ organized things
napped ~ read
then my Mom, brother and his girlfriend arrived with supper

for as far back as I can remember ~ we have always had Chinese food
on or around New Years Day
so we pigged out ~ chatted some more
changed into my jammies and snuggled on the couch 

hubby was feeling a little better after spending the day in bed

Saturday was my work day
it was banish Christmas from the house
and why it is not as joyful as putting it out??

I spent 4 hours boxing and packing and that did not include
the tree ornaments

it is all gone now and although everything is not back where it goes
that is something I can work on this week


So I decided that I am not picking a word
but I am setting some goals

I commented on a post tonight
that with age comes wisdom
there are certain things I will no longer put up with
I am too old for drama in my life

I have to distance myself from some people
and embrace others
speak my mind
and filter when necessary

and always remember to sing along
and stop and bust a move if the feeling comes over you. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Holiday Season

I always tell myself that I am going to do better
and maybe throw a post in at least once or twice a month

then I don't and I used to feel bad
but then I don't ~ how is that for honesty

I love having this place to come to ~ it is like a little journal
so here I am back again and sharing 

Christmas seemed to sneak up on me this year
I had the last week of Nov off and I had planned to get
everything done and get ahead of the game

then I got sick ~ not the flu but a nasty cold that kept me sidelined
most of the week

I did get some decorating, baking and shopping done
but not everything that landed on my ever growing list

oh well ~ we know everything will come together and it did

after church on Christmas Eve we all came back here for some finger foods
and drinks ~ we were a small group this year with both Moms along with 
my brother and his girlfriend

after a busy week both at home and at work ~ I fell into bed and did not open
my eyes again until 8:30!  

with no dinner to cook this year I did not have the added stress and responsibility 
of getting the turkey prepped and in the oven so it was a nice break

Our mantle

Sam, Gord, Mom & Kat

we picked up my MIL and went to Mom's for dinner
the girls arrived and they truly make the day
even though they are older now and way past the believing stage
they truly make things more fun!

Sam, Lori, Trevor & Kat

Sam, Lori, Kat

of course we needed to take some group shots and be a little silly

home for a bit and then off to Trev's Moms for a late supper of more appetizers
and gift opening.  Barb usually goes overboard and this year was no exception

she teased me the first of the month that she knew what she was getting my SIL and me
and that was it ~ yes I have heard that song and dance before

when I opened the above and heard the story behind it ~ my eyes welled up with tears

you see she took her Mother's diamond and also her Mother in Law's diamond
and had them set in pendants for my SIL and myself

well you know how I love things with a history ~ well family history is the best
something that I will cherish forever


Barb's tree

Boxing Day was back to her place for seafood casserole
which is oh so good then we stopped in to visit my Uncle on the way home
we ended up staying there for over 2 hours ~ told stories and laughed
love my peeps

our tree

last night the best neighbours ever came over and we exchanged
gifts and I made Pad Thai
we are getting together for New Years Eve and having fondue ~ so we are 
looking forward to that along with Cards Against Humanity
so wrong but so much fun!

Hope that your Christmas was merry and wishing you 
nothing but the best for 2016.